Spiritual Items

I have been creating items for personal use for many years now. Please see below for specific item details and purpose:


Magical Oils

Slumber Oil: Created specifically to aid relaxation. Can be used on the pillow or directly onto pulse points

Goddess Oil: Empowerment and the embracing of womanhood. Use for self confidence and to lift mood. Use in the bath and also on chakra points such as the throat and heart

Grounding Oil: Oil for grounding and bringing energies into aliment.  It has an earth scent and can help to reduce an unsettled or anxiety feeling. Use in the bath and on chakra points.

Protection Oil: Spiritual and personal protection. This was created as I needed something to protect me not only from spiritual attacks but also from personal attacks from people wishing ill-will. Can be used in the bath or on you before entering into a potential hostile environment.

Cleo May Oil: A cheeky blend of oils into this base can be used to attract or seduce individuals. Wear more like a perfume.

Mandrake Oil: Use for empowerment this is a feminine and sweet oil can be used in the bath or on chakra points to lift energy and give the wearer more self love and confidence

Full Moon Oil: A personal favour of mine I created this to harness the power of the full moon in an oil. This oil gives a boost to any ritual or spell along with giving the wearer more enlightenment. It was created during a super full moon.


Painted Stones

I have been painting stones for use in rituals and to charge the stone with purpose.

Dragon stones: I created a range of dragon eggs and stones after being inspired by Tintagel stories close to my family home.

Fairy and Mermaid Range: I used slates and stones collected from all over the coast of Southern England. I am inspired by the magical energies and direction of mermaids and fairies.

God and Goddess Ranges: These were created using pagan symbols and further energy from the stones and slates.


I have enjoyed creating more ranges of stones to offer protection and guidance.

Clay/Crystal Creations

Using Smelts and Agate I have made a range of Goddess and Fantasy Items that have proved very popular. These are for protection and empowerment.

Witches Ladders

Using crystal and jewellery items I have created a range of witches ladders. These are specific to purpose such as Fire, Earth, Air, Spirit, Water, Chakra, Moon, Sun, Fairy, Mermaid, Fertility, Self-Love, Protection and Enlightenment.